Richard Harvey Lastest Tear Sheet

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Check out these gorgeous tear sheets from our ├╝ber talented make-up artist Richard Harvey!

Posted on Friday March 16th 2012 at 5:17pm

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Posted 27 mins ago

Don’t worry – he is still as cool as a cucumber… it’s just for a task!!


Posted 33 mins ago

Just when you thought thing couldn’t heat up anymore around here.! We just received a behind the scenes shot of the amazing Ivy and Brad making some magic on set with the incredible Hannah Furness

Helen working her magic for OK MAGAZINE

Posted 1 hour ago

Our very own Helen Ainsworth featured in OK MAGAZINE working her magic on the lovely girls from Atomic Kitten! How flawless do they look!


Posted 2 hours ago

Nothing get’s us more excited then a back of the camera preview! Jane Duffy looks incredible in this shot by Emma Phillipson!! We can not wait to see the finals!

Boys on a role

Posted 4 hours ago

Our boys are on a role! River, Scott Thomas, Tom Ward and Edward show us how it is done! #TeamNemesis are proud!

Botanical Gardens

Posted 5 hours ago

#TeamNemesis are loving this perfect weather! 2 of our gorgeous girls had the pleasure to shoot in the sun in the most luscious location ever!

Freddie Friday…

Posted 6 hours ago

It’s Friday and we would like to share Freddie’s fabulousness with you all…

Suns out guns out!

Posted 23 hours ago

Who managed to catch our boys Aaron & Scott Lewis on the recent episode of 8 out of 10 cats?

Gail Shuttleworth…

Posted 1 day ago

is the epitome of elegance and beauty…

We love our Lassie…

Posted 1 day ago

Anna Clough’s latest jewellery campaign

Everything you needed to know..

Posted 1 day ago

about Day 49 in the BB House….

Matt in Black…

Posted 1 day ago

And white..and colour..How FABULOUS does he look???

Jazmine never fails to blow us away!

Posted 1 day ago

#TeamNemesis love how beautiful Jazmine looks in these shots from her recent job! We would definitely buy this feather skirt!


Posted 1 day ago

Fresh in! Just received some shots of the amazing Josh from his recent editorial for Back To Black Magazine! How incredible does he look!


Posted 2 days ago

Simple, stunning and sexy. We LOVE these new shots of Yolanda!!

Faye is looking fabulous!!

Posted 2 days ago

Faye’s new shots show off her incredible curves in the right places…

Thought you had seen him before??

Posted 2 days ago

Now our Ash is SAFE (***YAAAAAAAAAAAY***) thought it was about time we showed you his first claim to fame.. this Jet 2 advert!!


Posted 2 days ago

Good Morning Wednesday! No better way to start a day then receiving a sneak preview into Voir’s A/W14 editorial for issue 9! Our girls look incredible as usual

Ash + Baby Oil??

Posted 3 days ago

Oh er Mrs!! I think you would have plenty of offers to rub that in for you Ash!!